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A new kind of clean – Cleaning systems from Groz-Beckert

Cleaning with Groz-Beckert quality

Groz-Beckert – famed and valued worldwide as a competent systems provider for weaving – has now extended its proven weaving-machine component and weaving preparation product lines with the addition of the cleaning systems product range. It goes without saying that the relevant detergents and spares are also provided.

This means that customers benefit from a comprehensive offer in proven quality: a drop wire cleaner, a mobile ReedCleaner and also a fully automatic cleaning system for reeds, healds and drop wires are now available. They all fulfill the high standards that have given Groz-Beckert products such an outstanding reputation.

Drop wire cleaner – shining results plus a polish effect

Drop wire cleaner

The drop wire cleaner from Groz-Beckert is a compact system for cleaning every type of drop wire. The cleaning process takes place in vibration chambers, in combination with a special granulate. In addition to the cleaning of light to moderate soiling this also provides a surface polishing process. This combination of cleaning as well as polishing improves the automatic drawing-in process.

In this way, the drop wire cleaner can prepare up to 6,000 drop wires per hour for production. Thanks to its compact design and easy handling, the device is easy to transport and flexible to use.

ReedCleaner – the mobile specialist for reeds


Rapid and thorough cleaning of the reed directly in the weaving machine to get it ready for action again – that is the specialty of the ReedCleaner. The mobile cleaning system can clean reeds directly at the weaving machine and also when they are installed and the warp is drawn in. Here the ReedCleaner works with great efficiency: the combination of steam and detergents with a special cleaning nozzle means that the reeds are cleaned very quickly. The result: a marked improvement in product quality, a reduction of air consumption with airjet weaving machines, and of course a clear reduction in downtimes. Time-consuming manual cleaning is no longer necessary, nor do the reeds need to be removed for the cleaning process.

The ReedCleaner is suitable for flat reeds as well as air reeds. The device is simple to operate and easy to transport. The compact dimensions of the ReedCleaner also make it the right choice even where space is at a premium.

The Universal Cleaning Machine – ideal for intensive cleaning

Universal Cleaning Machine

A fully-automatic solution for the intensive cleaning of large numbers of reeds, healds and drop wires is the stationary Universal Cleaning Machine. After insertion of the parts that need cleaning, the cleaning and drying process runs fully automatically. Depending on the degree of soiling and the consistency of the parts, the machine can completely clean and dry up to 25,000 healds, up to 45,000 warp stop motion drop wires or up to 10 reeds per hour. Here the machine can take parts up to 3,800 mm in length and 450 mm in height. The maximum clamping height is 1,100 mm.

The cleaning system is of compact design and features several intelligent solutions. The container for recycling material is equipped with a high-performance filter and integrated tank heating. The transport wagon for the parts requiring cleaning can be positioned vertically via footpedal, facilitating the loading and unloading process. Collecting channels below the transport wagon keep the floor dry. Dust and steam are removed via suction.

The benefits of the Universal Cleaning Machine are numerous:

  1. Economic efficiency in the weaving mill is increased: warp thread drawing-in is free of interruptions, and the operating time of healds, drop wires and reeds is extended, as is weaving-machine productivity.
  2. Weave quality is increased: the number of broken warp threads decreases, and damaged threads are reduced.
  3. Cleaning the weaving machine accessories becomes more economically efficient. The combination of easy operation, low personnel requirements, short processing times and high efficiency means short payback time for the investment.

Find the optimal solution for your cleaning tasks

Are you interested in economically efficient and productive cleaning systems for the weaving industry? Your Groz-Beckert experts will be happy to advise you, and recommend the optimal solution. One nice side-effect is that you're not the only one to profit from professionally cleaned weaving accessories – the environment benefits as well!