INH – Ideal handling of sewing machine needles

Today’s clothing industry faces many challenges. Alongside general demands for high productivity, maximum occupational safety and various environmental considerations play a major role. Sewing plants also increasingly have to comply with strict regulations regarding the handling of sewing machine needles – regulations imposed by brand owners and buying houses. They apply in particular to broken and damaged needles. The goal is to prevent pieces of broken needles from remaining in items of clothing, posing a risk of injury for the end user and leading to compensation claims in the worst case scenario.

As a sewing machine manufacturer who provides its customers with comprehensive support, Groz-Beckert has developed the INH Quality Management (Ideal Needle Handling). The system offers a standardized process with different solutions, which regulates the handling of needle breakages and needle changes within the sewing operation. This reduces the risk of being sued by end consumers to a minimum. Using INH also increases productivity and helps protect the environment.

INH needle dispensing trolley in a sewing plant

The problem with broken sewing machine needles

Needle breakages are unavoidable in ongoing production. But a needle exchange takes time and it is important to ensure that no pieces of broken needles remain in the end product.

To minimize the risk of injury resulting from broken needle parts remaining in the end product, brand owners place different regulations on sewing businesses. These regulations specify how to proceed in the event of a needle breakage. Maximum search times or specifications for documentation are defined, for example. Every sewing business implements these in their own way. In some cases, lots of time is wasted searching for broken needle parts. The documentation and archiving of each individual needle breakage also takes time and space.

Broken sewing machine needles

The solution

With the INH Quality Management, Groz-Beckert offers a process which governs trouble-free and time-saving handling of broken sewing machine needles.

The patented INH (Ideal Needle Handling) process helps fulfill the various brand-owner specifications within a standardized process while providing you with support in meeting challenges such as environmentally-friendly handling and boosting productivity.

INH offers customized process setup which takes all previous specifications into account and can be applied worldwide. The reduced time and effort needed for broken and damaged needles helps achieve higher output – productivity is increased.

The ergonomic equipment of INH also enhances health protection and occupational safety. INH also facilitates recycling of sewing machine needles.

Find out more about the advantages of INH in the brochure “The INH Quality Management” or in the Groz-Beckert Customer Portal.

Products and accessories

The INH Quality Management not only offers the right process for you, but also provides the required accessories. These have been specially developed for INH.

The needle dispensing trolley is the main element of the accessories. It can replace the entire dispensing counter and stores not only new needles and various tools, but is also the collection point for used and broken needles. If a needle breaks, the INH supervisor comes to the sewing machine with the trolley to carry out the needle exchange and documentation directly at the work station.

The needle return box is another accessory. This is used for collecting and returning broken and damaged needles. The inlaid needle pass contains all relevant details for documentation.

Information on further INH products and the needle dispensing trolley is available in the brochure “The INH Quality Management”, in the data sheet “The needle dispensing trolley” or in the Groz-Beckert Customer Portal.

Different products and accessories of INH Quality Management

The digital solution: Smart INH

To remove the need for manual documentation and physical storage of broken needle parts, the INH Quality Management also offers a digital solution – Smart INH.

Smart INH consists of two software components: the mobile app INH@site and the administration software INH@office. The app installed on a tablet-device on the trolley can be used to photograph broken needle parts and store the photos digitally. This means that broken needles do not need to be stored and can be disposed of immediately in an environmentally-friendly way. The app can also be used to document all other needle exchanges – for a complete chain of evidence.

The administration software INH@office is installed on a desktop PC and is used for entering all relevant data such as production orders or sewing lines with machinery. The images and data sets produced by the app INH@site can be called up and viewed via INH@office. INH@office also offers various evaluation options.

Further information on Smart INH is available in the data sheet “Smart INH”, in the Groz-Beckert Customer Portal or in the Apple App Store.

Needle dispensing trolley in the smart version showing the app INH@site

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